Occupy Till I Come

by Dr. Wesley A. Swift


One of our great responsibilities as Christians today is to follow the instructions of our God, especially as they relate to our obligation as members of His Church and as citizens in the great nations of His Kingdom. Too often today's clergy say that the Christian has no responsibility, politically or socially, to the society of which he is a part. He is told that he is not to be involved in politics, and that he has only one responsibility: to believe what is in the Bible, accept the proposed salvation which the church offers, and get ready to go to heaven when he dies.

Well, this my friends is far from the teaching of the Scriptures. This is not the Gospel of the Kingdom that Jesus preached, nor is it the instruction that He gave His disciples. In a parable in Luke Chapter 19, He tells about a certain man who went away from the area of his administration and his inheritance, and left it in the hands of the Church; and he told his servants "Occupy till I come". This is a parable of Christ in His Kingdom; it is the instruction which He has given to those who constitute His Kingdom.

There is a great error in the minds of many today concerning what constitutes God's Kingdom. The Kingdom of God is made up exactly as the Kingdom must be--of men. It is made up of nations--a great nation and a company of nations.

The dynasty of God's Kingdom comes through the Adamic, Race, descending through Seth, and through Abraham; and God reaffirmed His Covenant with Abraham when He said He would be a God unto him, and to his seed after him, in all their generations. We note that God's blessing to Abraham was that he was to be a great nation, and that a company of nations was to come of him. (Genesis Chap. 35) We note that prophecy which God has gives, to the seed of the Adamic Race, which descends through Abraham to the time of Christ and clear to our day, is of perpetual Kingdom which would rise up in the earth, and eventually bring in the Righteousness of God; and the Laws of God, and the Rule of God would concentrate in this Adamic Race.

The word Adam is "man". The word enosh (translated as man" erroneously in the King James version) means beings or people distinctly different from the Adamic Race. The children of the Adamic Race have the Breath of God and the Life of God. They are children of His Spirit, spiritually born in the heavens, and now begotten in the earth as the offspring of the Most High. It is by this medium that God intends to bring in His Kingdom. The Old and New Testaments are written to the Adamic Race; they are written to the people who constitute God's Kingdom.

God's purpose was not only to bring instruction to the earth, but His children were to teach the people; they were to bring in the administration of Divine Law; they were to carry His Kingdom into reality. Even before their arrival here, it was prophesied in the heavens that catastrophe would envelope our race - - that the violations of Divine Law would bring transgression upon them. But by the Grace of God, the eternal program which He had for salvation (first for His people and then, through them, to the ends of the earth) eventually would adjust every nation and all people to His Divine Will. This would not always come by a ready acceptance of the Truth. In many instances, the powers of evil would so use the races of earth that they would wage war against the House of God in the earth, against the children of Spirit in physical , bodies. Thus it is that the Bible, teaches the supremacy of the White Race as the children of the Most High God (sent from heaven to earth to build His Kingdom), and the Old Testament records many struggles which they waged against the powers of darkness that sought to destroy His Kingdom.

Throughout the whole course of our history we see God dealing with His people. He reveals Himself, to the patriarchs. He gives them instructions, the calling of the House of God through the house of Abraham to continue in their destiny. The covenants which God made were unconditional covenants which can never be set aside or destroyed. Throughout the Old Testament we read the story of God's covenants with His people, and the protection of these people, and the development of their, history.

In the New Testament we find a continuation of God's covenants with the same people with whom He made the covenants in the Old Testament. We note in His ministry He states: "I have not come but for the lost sheep of the house of Israel." Then he turned to the Jews on Solomon's porch and said: "You believe not because ye are not my sheep". When He talked of His children, He talked of their belonging to the Father in the heavens and to Him now, embodied in the earth. He said "Thine they; were in the heavens. and they are in the earth. They are not of this world, even as I am not of this world. "

Many people think the, Church constitutes the Kingdom of God. Actually the Church is the spiritual center of God's kingdom; it constitutes the enlightened children of God; and they have a responsibility, which is to declare "Thus saith the Almighty God", and to be the oracle of God in the midst of the race which is His offspring, the, nations which belong to Him.

According to the opinion of many, there is no differentiation between the people of God's Household and other races. The fact is that within the nations of God's Kingdom there are those who are spiritually alert who make up His Church, the spiritual center of His Kingdom. Their intellects have been quickened in their consciousness, their minds have been renewed, and they know the regeneration of God's Spirit in their lives.

We who take up the Church of God have been given a heavy responsibility. We must only bear testimony in nation, but also we are to re all the powers of darkness. We are not merely to lead some authentic kind of life and get prepared to get out of this world as quickly as possible. We were not put here to get out of it, we were put here to occupy it. When Jesus said "Occupy until I come", He meant to resist the powers of darkness and to carry out the things that He would carry out if He were here!

Many times the Scriptures, tell us what Christ would do if He were to return. We have been given assurance that He eventually will return in the hour of our greatest need; but in the meantime He expects us to "Occupy till I come". The early Church had many themes which they discussed concerning this fact. And in our time, a great and spiritual chorus exclaims "Hold the fort, for I am coming, Jesus signals still. Wave the answer back to heaven: By Thy Grace we, will!

When we speak of holding the fort, we are not talking of pacifism. We are speaking of a militant defense; and, eventually, if the Kingdom of God is to accomplish its objective, it MUST transfer this defense to an offense.

We must lead out to attack the powers of darkness. We must break the powers of, evil and of witch doctors of all types. We must overthrow the idol kingdoms. We must lift up the standards of Righteousness and Truth.

Until the peoples pf the earth are tree from the Jew witch doctors and the heathen idol worshipers, the agnostics, the anti-Christ forces--they will continually be placed in bondage by the sheer numbers of these powers of darkness.

The Kingdom of Almighty God ultimately is to be triumphant. The Second Psalm is a covenant that belongs to the people of God and to His inheritance. The Most. High says He will give you the, heathen for your inheritance and the uttermost parts of earth for your possession. He means this. He means that the nations of this world shall become the nations of our God, that eventually they shall acknowledge Him from sea to sea and from pole to pole. This is not an acceptable program to the Jews--to those who wish to give everybody the right to be evil if they wish to be. Jewish strategy is to let evil be evil, let the righteous be righteous, let some be tortured and others be given benefits.

But God's Kingdom does not work that way. The promise is that He is going to triumph, and every knee is going to bow, and every tongue is going to proclaim that He is God; and this is one of the great promises of The Scriptures.

In our time we have warfare. The enemies of God's Kingdom, the enemies of Jesus Christ, have produced a political psychology. Karl Marx, the son of a rabbi, wrote the Communist Manifesto, the design of which was to create the policy of socialism, the sociological and economical pattern for a revolution. Those who also are the enemies of Christ financed this revolution. They conquered the first country which they, took over Russia and created the Soviet Union. In ,the early years, the Jew-led Communist (Bolshevik) Revolution reduced millions of White Christians in Russia to slavery and put millions more to death.

More Christians have been put to death by Communism (Jewism) than by any other system on the face of the earth. Here in the United States we watch the fifth column of world communism moving in to conquer. Jews and other unassimilable aliens carrying the doctrines of evil have conic into the United States and have been moved into positions of responsibility. They use the powers of their international purse to buy influence. These aliens have moved into our schools in the exchange of professors usurping teaching positions, and then declaring academic freedom to discuss the doctrines of evil. Thus they have put into the minds of our youth the, whole pattern of revolution. They sneer at things which are righteous; they show disrespect to the principles of God's Kingdom. There are a great number of 1hese individuals, mostly Jews and their proselytes.

One of the foremost responsibilities of the Christian Church is to Oppose such people. We must speak out and act to protect our, young people. We must move into the counter offensive and attack!

Let us remember, "Occupy till I come". When Jesus was in the earth He waged a relentless war against the powers of evil.

He drove the money, changers out of the temple, and He said "You have made my, fathers house a den of thieves and murderers". He has called on us to drive from positions of exploitation those who would destroy mankind. He has called on us to liberate our Christian civilization! Well, someone that this is a social gospel that this is not the Gospel of salvation. THIS IS THE GOSPEL WITH WHICH GOD INTENDS YOU AND ME TO PRACTICE-TO USE TO SAVE OUR PEOPLE FROM THE SNARES WHICH THE POWERS OF EVIL DIRECT AGAINST US.

You cannot add anything to the atonement of Christ; you cannot take anything from it.

He gave us Eternal Life, and we shall never perish. The people of Christian civilization should automatically accept the principle of Christ's atonement, but that does NOT release us from the obligation to occupy the earth. Every militant Christian should become interested in the political affairs of our nations.

We should be interested in the educational system; we should be interested in every phase of American life. When we consider these situations, we are not talking about the Church getting out of the area of responsibility.

The Apostle Paul said that the Church was not only for apostleship and prophecy or for various gifts and acts of the Spirit, but that also it was for government. Those who are concerned about the things of God and who live by His Laws recognize that the whole pattern of Anglo-Saxon English and American jurisprudence was based on Divine Law. The majority of the people in these United States are White and Christian, and the great majority of our people believe in ethics and morality and the Laws of God. Then let us elect White people who know their identity and are dedicated to opposing the--powers of darkness: and let us remember that the instructions of Christ were to get busy about these things and: "Occupy till I come." There is no problem in getting back to heaven from which we came. One of the most important things we can do is live for victory in the Kingdom. LET'S CLEAN UP AMERICA!